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  • Enterpise Name: Goldfields Tours (Pty) Ltd
  • Registration Number: 2017/290725/07
  • Enterprise Type: Private Company
  • Enterprise Status: Actively in Business

The Goldfields Tours is incorporated by Managing Directors that are responsible for the overall direction of the Travel Company as of the management due to the establishment of the company. Goldfields Tours has 5 ACTIVE MANAGIING DIIRECTORS that hold and combine the shareholding Executive.



- Shift from the Old Economy only existing of Mining into a new Economy of Tourism, Innovation, Financial Services, employment and Technology.

- Goldfields Tours sees the need to better the environmental conditions and enhance the quality of the tourist’s experience.

- Re-establishment of former and abundant infrastructure to develop and maintain them.


- To impact our natural and cultural environment in a positive way.

- Provide benefits to all sectors of the society, including young people, women and indigenous people of all races.

- Attract and develop skilled workforce to support the growing demand.

- Be able to attract tourists from all parts of South Africa in the form of an investment door way.

Core Values

- INTEGRITY * We are guided by the highest standards of professional ethics.

- QUALITY * We are result-oriented and committed to providing services of highest quality to our customers.

- TRANSPARENCY * We operate in a consultative and transparent manner.

- TIMELINESS * We are responsive and make every effort to meet and set targets at a certain moment in Time.


- DIVERSITY * Aims upon diversity of rapid change of the economy of Matjhabeng.

- DEVELOP * We see a need of reshaping the Tourism economy by being the new doorway for future investments.

- MEDIA * During exhibitions we aim to televise the content across the entire country.

- EXHIBITION * Annual career exhibitions will be taking place and we will cater for only a selected number of schools within the whole of Goldfields region.


Goldfields Tours an emerging brand that sees to shape the future of the Matjhabeng Economy in the form of Tourism that conceptualises Future Leadership and Innovation set on the basis of a travelling Company situated in the Free State.

Goldfields Tours aims to develop the community of Matjhabeng to ultimately tackle the Economic, Social and environmental challenges and re-introduce the future. Goldfields-Tourrs Presents an Investtmentt Opportunity for the establishment of the Goldfields Tours for the launching and catering of the Travel company and its newest 5 Tab Website that is a self service that can be utilized on any mobile that is internet supported for a touring destination that looks to signify quality and reliability for a benchmark of people wishing to travel in freedom at the same time are able to rely on constant assistance.

Goldfields Tours aims upon the diversity of the rapid changes of the economy of Matjhabeng, in the past years as the Goldfield Region was mainly based upon the mining Economy and changes that took place in recent years. Goldfields Tours sees upon the need of reshaping the Tourism economy by being the new doorway for future investment aiming towards co-creating value.


Gary Maloi - Managing Director

Gary was appointed as Manager of Research & Development of Goldfields Tours 2017. Prior to this appointment, he was an Event Promoter at Vezi Entertainment for a period of 3 years that has progressed with a track record in Human Resource Development.

Tiisetso Matsoso - Managing Director

Tiisetso was appointed as Manager of Public Relations of Goldfields Tours for 2017. Prior to this appointment, she is a qualified teacher by profession that seeks the opportunity to make a positive difference in other people’s lives through helping others to acquire new knowledge I n tourism activities rather than travel itself.

Mashudu Nemukula - Managing Director (BCom Acc & CIMA)

Mashudu was appointed as Manager of Finance of Goldfields Tours for 2017. Prior to this apointment she strives to analyze and promote accuracy, efficiency and professionalism within the department to make business practices as fair and simple as possible to support Economic Growth.

Mac Donald Mohapi - Managing Director

Mac Donald was appointed as Manager of Logistics and Tailor of Goldfields Tours 2017. Prior to this appointment, he sees to provide world class benefits and services by adhering to the highest standards of commitment, excellence, professionalism, integrity, accountability and stewardship.

Gcbobani Nobali - Managing Director

Gcobani was appointed as Manager of Marketing and Advertising of Goldfields Tours on the year of 2017. Prior to this appointment, the face of the brand and customer engagement steward that uncovers marketing and advertising as an amazing driving force to increase our customer base.





Sustainable Tours through Innnovation

Over the past few decades, the rapid development places in the form of innovations that have made discovering the world smoother, safer, healthier, or simply more fun. The department of Tourism alone is view as a Global Village and with Shared information is fast becoming a reality in other parts of the world. Sustainable tourism delivers positive economic, social and environmental outcomes with consideration to the needs of the visitor, industry, community and environment.




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Address: 17 Blue Gum Road, Merriespruit, Virginia

State & Country: Free State, South Africa


Our Banking Details

Enterprise Name: Goldfields Tours (Pty) Ltd

Name of Bank: ABSA Bank

Account Number: 93 3451 8049

Account Type: Current / Savings Account